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Webinar: See a Demo of the Notarize + Adobe Sign Integration

November 18, 2021

Discover the faster, easier way to notarize documents with Notarize and Adobe Sign, the market leaders in online notarization and eSign.

At Notarize, we strive to bring trust into important transactions by making notarizations simpler and more convenient for businesses who depend on them.

It’s why we’re so excited about our recent integration with Adobe. By integrating directly within Adobe Sign, it's never been easier to initiate, send, and manage eSign and notarization requests – all in one seamless workflow.

How easy is it? We recently joined forces with the team at Adobe for a free, on-demand webinar that guides you through the Notarize and Adobe Sign integration. This is a chance to see firsthand how our partnership makes the transaction process easier for businesses and their customers.

Built to Meet the Challenges of Today

Digital is changing the way business is done, and remote solutions have increasingly become competitive differentiators. That’s why two-thirds of survey respondents at the live event said they attended to learn more about online notarization and the value it could bring to their business.

Processes tied to approval, review, collaboration, and compliance are now regularly completed online. Even as eSign gained popularity, the process of notarizing documents remains widely paper-based, manual, inconvenient, and inefficient. 

Not anymore.

“As a partnership, we’re excited to provide RON capabilities that can be initiated from within Adobe Sign workflows,” said Doug Thompson, Group Product Marketing Manager at Adobe. “And because this integration is seamless, you’ll be able to build and scale an online notarization program quickly and efficiently.”

Bringing Convenience and Trust to Every Transaction

The Notarize and Adobe Sign integration unites the leaders in online notarization and eSign, respectively, for a world-class signing experience. Here's what that means for your business and its customers:

  • Get documents notarized 24x7. Whether you use your notaries or our on-demand Notary Network, offer your customers legal, valid notarizations for use in all 50 states. Our solution is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices..
  • Shortened timelines with sustainable processes. Reduce transactions that once took days to mere minutes while eliminating stacks of paper, overnight shipping, and human errors.
  • Increased security, decreased fraud risk. Our partnership employs enterprise-grade security, multi-factor authentication, and a full audit trail to offer transparency and help curb fraud.

Watch it Anytime, Anywhere

We built this webinar to fit into your schedule – not the other way around.

Visit this page and complete the form to gain on-demand access to the Notarize and Adobe Sign demonstration. We’ll also send you an email with details on how you can watch this webinar when it’s most convenient for you.

If you’re excited by what you see and want to learn more, visit


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